Junko Kimura

Junko Kimura is an influential clean energy blogger, renowned for her insightful commentary and in-depth knowledge of the renewable energy sector. Born in Yokohama, Japan, Junko’s dedication to environmental sustainability led her to achieve a degree in Environmental Engineering from Osaka University.

Upon graduation, Junko embarked on a career in the renewable energy industry where she played a key role in several solar and wind power projects. Her passion for promoting the significance of transitioning to clean energy sources inspired her to launch her blog, “Junko’s Energy Odyssey”.

“Junko’s Energy Odyssey” swiftly became a trusted source of information on renewable technologies, industry developments, and policy changes. Junko’s talent for making complex clean energy concepts accessible to a broad audience has attracted readers from all walks of life, from renewable energy professionals to eco-conscious individuals.

Beyond her blog, Junko is a frequent speaker at clean energy events and conferences, sharing her expertise and advocating for stronger renewable energy policies. She also collaborates with numerous renewable energy companies and research institutions, lending her expertise to help shape the future of the clean energy sector.

In her leisure time, Junko enjoys cycling and gardening, activities that keep her connected to nature and fuel her commitment to a greener world. Junko Kimura is not just a blogger; she is a fervent advocate for clean energy, committed to guiding the way towards a sustainable future through her writing


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